The UK Album Launch of 'Escape' on the 8th August was a huge success for @GorgonCity down in Hackney @NightTales venue


Parking in Hackney is always tricky at the best of times, so heading to the local Tesco’s seemed an obvious choice until we realised that staying for more than 90 minutes would lead to a ticket! Frustrating, as we could literally hear the music emanating from behind the fence at the back of the car park!

Without further a do we decided to try and find somewhere nearer the entrance to the venue and with pay and display spaces literally opposite the arches in Bohemia Place we knew we had caught a blessing!

Strolling through the railway arches and along to the hidden entrance of Night Tales it almost felt like we were about to enter a cinematic parallel universe.

After the usual security checks, by extremely polite and helpful people, we followed the sounds into the outside bar area. Straight away it was noticeable how good the sound was in the venue with speakers dotted all round the garden in strategic places meaning you were never far away from what was going on in the main room.

Alex Falconer, one of the nights warm up DJ’s, was dropping banger after banger and with such classics as Gat Decor’s ‘Passion’ drifting across the garden we were most certainly looking forward to the main event of the night!

Gorgon City Escape.jpg

At around 9pm everyone started to herd their way inside to the main arena where Kye and Matt were readying themselves to let lease their brand new sophomore record ‘Escape’.

The lads from North London certainly didn’t disappoint with their opening number and proceeded to perform the entire album with their featured artists making sure everyone present was able to experience and enjoy their latest offering.

From what we heard on the night, Escape allows Gorgon City to truly express themselves.

Musically, it is diverse.

Yes, you’re still going to get those absolute club bangers, along with powerful vocal driven tracks suited to mainstream but you’re also going to hear some slower, more chilled songs that expose another side to Gorgon City’s creativity and personality.

The overall production is as you would expect, clean and tight with ridiculously good, bouncing bass lines that cannot be ignored.

With every drop in a track the capacity crowd reacted accordingly and made their feelings known to those on stage.

For us, the money maker is ‘Four Walls’. With an amazing vocal courtesy of Blythe Pepino from ‘Vaults’ and the infectious electronic stabs coupled with one of Gorgon City’s trademark bass lines this track literally had those in attendance going wild.

As far as an album launch goes, this was perfect. The venue is unique, big enough for an atmosphere but intimate enough to make you feel close to the music. The sound system is of the highest quality allowing us to hear all the musical elements and last but not least, the night didn’t drag on.

We left 3 hours later with a smile on our faces knowing that the lads from Gorgon City are taking their sound to a new level without selling out which can only be inspirational to the UK House Music scene.

Bring on album number 3!

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