So Solid Twin MC's smash UKGBrunch with headline grabbing show


Saturday 21st July we were fortunate enough to be invited down to the Steel Yard in London for what turned out to be probably one of the most entertaining of afternoons we have encountered for many a year gone by. 

Not only were we invited to eat as many bottomless fried chicken wings imaginable supplied by BIRD throughout the entire event but we were also indulged with washing them down with countless glasses of rum. And yes, you did read that right – bottomless fried chicken and bottomless rum punch.

Now you maybe thinking this is going to get messy, a UK garage brunch re-rewinding back to the 1990s starting at midday and rolling on to 6pm, but you’d be wrong, extremely wrong! The diverse crowd mixed with ages ranging from the over 30’s up to people in their 50’s were there for one thing and one thing only and that was to have a great time.

The team behind the UK Garage Brunch idea pride themselves on the event being run as family and expect everyone to behave as such. And behave they did, I haven’t seen a night (sorry day) like this probably since the 90’s whilst raving down in Stratford where everyone was just there for a dance and a good time.

Music for our particular brunch came from none other than DJ Pied Piper and the awesome So Solid Twin MC’s who smashed out a massive headline set that combined old school garage and modern grime/trap music.

So if you want to relive that 90’s era again you need to book ahead to avoid disappointment as the event runs every two weeks from midday through to 6 pm across venues like Fabric London, Village Underground & The Steel Yard, the brunch is an immersive mix of dining, dancing and grownup games which all fit the 90’s UKG theme.

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