Meet El’tee

It’s not often an artist comes along that really is the full package.

Born in the cultural melting pot of Hackney, East London and brought up listening to his father’s love of soul music it was soon very clear that El’tee was about to start his self-awakening journey into the music industry at a young age. Music and singing ran through his blood, with dad Tony, himself a successful artist in the 90's, being a major influence and reason for El'tee picking up a mic. He was introduced to professional recording at the tender age of 13.

Self-taught (with a little help from dad!) by listening to vocalists like Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and various underground American artists in the Rap scene, El'tee has developed his unique style of singing and rapping combined.

Fast forward 7 years and with El’tee having harnessed, cultivated and honed his vocal skills we introduce to you an artist that is incomparable, undeniable and totally unique. 

Lyrically, El'tee draws on personal life experiences of good and happy times with friends, mixed with story's of his musical journey and growing up as a young person in modern society. Ultimately he wants to bring about positivity and be a role model for others who want to achieve their dreams.

El’tee is currently in the studio working with veteran songwriter/producer Martin West (Romans, Estelle, Street Politiks, Koercive, Black Ice) in order to deliver a collection of songs to the highest order.

With showcases lined up later in the year we’re looking forward to presenting this fresh, talented and uber creative star of the future.


For more information contact Andy Devaney -

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