Avenoir annual giving back in the community with special festive Christmas gig for Five Acre Wood School


This is always a special occasion for Avenoir when we give a little back to the community and especially for one that is so close to our hearts in our favourite school Five Acre Wood who we like to work alongside in supporting the entertainment needs of their wonderful pupils.

Hot off from performing at a packed out Wembley Arena, El’tee who was on hand to entertain the considerably more daunting challenge of winning over Five Acre Wood’s far more discerning ‘judges’, a crowd of profound, severe and complex learners. 

With the school scene set with a school hall transformed into a genuine live music venue, complete with stage, lighting rigs, technicians, security barriers, VIP area and a ‘Green Room.’  The afternoon show opened with Vicky Meyritz – by day a member of staff in Fox class at Five Acre Wood, and by night the vocalist and pianist for ‘Sivix’, the highly regarded rock based band from Tunbridge Wells.  Having written music, recorded albums and performed extensively from a young age, Vicky’s musical pedigree was never in doubt whatsoever, however, stepping out to entertain her new work colleagues and so many familiar pupil faces must have been terrifying!  Nevertheless, Vicky showcased her amazingly versatile vocal range to the backdrop of songs as varied as ‘let it go’ (from the Disney favourite ‘Frozen’) to a rocked up ‘Muse’ version of ‘feeling good.’  Suffice to say she went down an absolute storm, won over an army of new followers and will now be inundated with musical requests across the school!

To close the show on the day Avenoir’s very own El’tee was up on stage, immediately connecting with all pupils, the pupils moved, danced and sang their hearts out as he treated them to an inspirational set of originals, all laced with his own unique musical style.  

Pupils and staff seemingly looked to enjoy his mesmerising performance - so much so that they simply wouldn’t allow his set to finish – El’tee took to the stage time and again for numerous spontaneous encores!  

When the curtain finally came down on his performance, star struck pupils (and staff!) queued endlessly to meet him.

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